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The highest level of knowledge, in the fastest possible time, on a continuous update basis, delivered in a mode you determine and supplemented by face to face access to a personal tutor on a 24/7 basis, monthly webinars, weekly news updates to your email in-box, and access to our database of 100,000 plus research papers.

1. The Dementia Course

Consists of 100 pages/questions on new research, care concepts and innovations.

2. Research Access

All research reports are held at

3. Personal Tutor

Your personal tutor is available on a 24/7 basis. Contact details will be provided upon registration.

4. Webinars

Webinars focus on innovation in care methodologies and you will be notified by email about dates/times of the telecast.

5. Newsletter

You will receive a free weekly update on all aspects of dementia/Alzheimers/cognitive impairment/brain injury/Parkinsons to your personal email address.

6. Certificate

All persons who choose to answer the questions and submit their answers for adjudication, will, if they pass, be awarded a certificate. Or, you may choose to undertake the course on a non-examinable basis.

7. Information Quality

All questions/information are based on peer reviewed research and are constantly updated.